Saturday, January 31, 2009

My flower girl is getting married!

Where have the days gone? Just the other day it was me and my BO planning our big deal and now, some (uch-hum) few years later my very own flower girl is getting married. She was just three and now all my six children are older than three! Just the year before my ring-bearer (he was also three) got married too.
What a beautiful bride she was...don't you agree? Stunningly beautiful and dressed so elegant. A classy wedding indeed. Fabulous fun, incredible food, glorious colors...a WONDERFUL evening!
Is this possible that twenty years have just evaporated? How can the days be ticking by so fast? I remember hearing people say, "That before you know it, you will blink and twenty years will have flown by." Well, it is true! Twenty plus years have just melted away like snow on a warm April morning in Minnesota. Carpe Diem...seize the day. Use each day wisely because before you know it, it will be another twenty years and it will be you recalling someone once saying...